5 Tips For Writing The Perfect Heartfelt Vows

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Writing your own heartfelt vows?

It’s easy for some people to say to “be yourself” and “write from the heart.” But getting started is sometimes harder than you think.

We’ve heard so many stories and vows from the heart, we could definitely give you some inspiration. We’ve even had the pleasure of helping a few of our couples get started in writing their own heartfelt vows. Below you will find some inspiration/starter tips to really help you hone in what matters most when writing those perfect vows and ones you will remember forever.

But before we begin, it is important to know, that no matter what you say, no matter who cries, and who laughs, you and your fiancé are in love. You have chosen to make this life an adventure together, and a beautiful one at that.

5 Tips For Writing Your Own Heartfelt Vows


A great opening line to your vows, and one that will help propel the rest of them, is to take advice from the great poets throughout history. Keats, Emily Bronte, perhaps even Dr. Suess. Their words have stood the test of time, so in terms of finding a way to begin, I’d say you’d be off to a great start with one of these. Find your favorite poet, and choose one that feels the most touching to you.


When wanting to speak truth in your vows, adding in true life stories is always a great choice. Think about the sweet little things that you both do together or for each other. If they are some of your favorite memories, now matter how small, it would be a wonderful idea to have those in your vows. It gives heart and meaning, a little glimpse into your lives for your guests to enjoy. Those little moments can make a huge impact.


Always a great option, writing the beginning of your love story is a fantastic way to include vows that are unique to you as a couple. No one has your exact love story and that is such a beautiful thing. Share this story and you have definitely made heartfelt vows that could never be wrong.


From the moment you have decided to write your own vows, keep a little notebook of all the things you love most about your partner. Touching upon your favorites are a great starting off point. If they are funny and genuine; wonderful. The more honest, the better.


Remember that your vows are considered promises. Really think about these promises and what they mean to you in the future. Take from traditional vows for ideas, but also remember who you are as a couple. What promises mean the most to you both together.

5 Tips For Writing the Perfect Heartfelt Vows | Orange County Beach Weddings Blog - www.orangecountybeachweddings.com/blog

We wish you both all the happiness in the world.  If you need anything at all, or have any questions, we are here for you. We would be happy to assist in helping you write your vows as well. 😉