Experience Rio!

March 8-18, 2023   Join us on what promises to be a life-changing experience of culture, flavors, passion, fun, and excitement that is Rio de Janeiro, the crown jewel of all things Brazil … home to Carmen Miranda, Bossa Nova, Carnaval, Pele, and the Girl from Ipanema. Where people find happiness in the simple things…

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You’re Engaged! …Now What? 5 First Steps To Consider

5 First Steps To Consider After You Get Engaged | www.orangecountybeachweddings.com/blog

You’re engaged! …Now What? This is truly an exciting time! As a couple, you have taken a huge step on a new adventure together and you have said yes to being partners forever. It’s important to remember this as you move forward through the wedding process, and of course, we’re here to help too. Much…

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7 Essentials For Your Beach Wedding

7 Essentials For Your Beach Wedding | Orange County Beach Weddings - www.orangecountybeachweddings.com

Planning a beach wedding? We don’t blame you. Living here in beautiful southern California, we completely understand the draw and pull of the water, the sun, and the blissful atmosphere. But there are definitely some important things to think about when planning your beach wedding in this fantastic area. From great places to take pictures,…

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