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The Grace Loves Lace Venice Showroom – Perfect for Every Beach Bride

Looking for the perfect light and lacey gown for your orange county beach wedding? We have found the perfect local boutique to make all your bridal dreams come true. Grace Loves Lace, a bridal brand from Australia specializing in French lace wedding gowns, has a brand new showroom located in Venice beach, CA. Their showroom is full of exclusively designed gowns that are handmade in Australia using luxurious French and European laces. Whats more, these gowns are extremely affordable with most priced under $3,000, leaving more room in your budget for that five layer embellished wedding cake or to hire that famous makeup artist you love. We have pulled some of our favorites for you to preview, scroll down to see more.
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orange county beach weddings, beach weddings, beach wedding gowns, orange county, dana point weddings
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You’re Engaged! …Now What? 5 First Steps To Consider

You’re engaged! …Now What? 

This is truly an exciting time! As a couple, you have taken a huge step on a new adventure together and you have said yes to being partners forever. It’s important to remember this as you move forward through the wedding process, and of course, we’re here to help too. Much more than just a wedding planner, we are here for you. You will never be considered just a number. We take great pride in getting to know our couples and successfully creating and executing their perfect day. 

But wait, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here…

You just got ENGAGED! First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! It really is an exciting thing to have in your life! And once you’ve told family and friends, the questions will start pouring in. Questions like, “Where will you get married?” “When?!” “What kind of dress do you want to have walking down the aisle?” “Do you want an outdoor wedding? Indoor? Both?!” These are just a few and by the time the wedding day has arrived, you might be wanting to pull your hair out with all the overwhelming amount of questions. 

We completely understand. And to make things as seamless and easy as possible for you, we wanted to break it down for you so it doesn’t seem so overwhelming. Starting with these top 5 steps will put you on the best foot forward and lead to a magical and unforgettable day. 

5 First Steps To Consider After You Get Engaged |

5 Steps To Consider Right After You Get Engaged

1.) DREAM Together:

First thing we like to suggest is to dream! What would the perfect day look like for the both of you? This will help you both see how to make it a day both of you will be truly happy with. And you may be thinking, “Well we can’t do everything we imagine. There’s no way.” But think of it this way, if you shoot for the moon and you fall a little short, you’ll still land among the stars and have a wedding you both feel good about. And the next step is crucial…


Now that you’ve dreamed big, the next step is to decide what is a priority to you. Make it fun by both of you making a list of 5 most important things to you to have at your wedding. Maybe it’s having the wedding outside, or destination. Maybe it’s having lots of guests, or a small wedding. Clarifying what your expectations are and what things are important to you will set you up for success. Compare your priority lists together and talk about what they mean to each other. Perhaps you have a couple things on your list that match up. And then also discuss and compromise. Putting your priorities in order of importance will also help. Then try to make another list together. One that you both feel good about. 


Fantastic! Now that you both are on the same page, the next step (and often the most dreaded) is discussing your budget. Use the list of priorities and dreams you have from steps 1 & 2. And consider these aspects too:

*How many guests would you like to have? (This number will also determine your venue choice)
*What kind of theme are you wanting? 
*Where is the money coming from?
*Based off of the priorities list, what are the costs involved for those aspects? 

If your parents are paying for the wedding or at least helping to contribute, it’s vital that you sit down with them and ask them what their own expectations are. What amount will they be giving, and what do they think it would be best used for? If you are paying for the wedding, put together a number that you both feel good about. And definitely discuss with great detail how and where the money will come from. Talking about the budget and both being on the same page is crucial. It is a kind of necessary evil, but one that can only allow you both to feel confident about the process. A marriage is a partnership after all. 


There are many pros in hiring a wedding planner, but it is important to first discuss what having a planner will mean to you as a couple. If it is a priority to have someone take care of the day for you so you can purely enjoy the celebration, then having a planner would be a great choice. If perhaps you enjoy making decisions and planning is totally your thing, but don’t want to have to make decisions on that day, maybe you only need a coordinator for the day of. Or if you have no idea where to start in looking for the right vendors, or venues, etc, hiring a wedding planner to take this on for you can be the best idea. Having a planner for your wedding will affect the wedding as a whole, and it is important to take a look and determine what you as a couple will need. 

*If you have any questions as far as hiring a wedding planner and what all the aspects are of a decision like this, please feel free to contact us

Based off of your priorities and budget for your wedding, the most timely decisions to next focus on are these:

*Make a guest list.
(This list may be affected by your budget)

*When do you want to get married? What time of year?
(Sometimes this affects or is affected by your venue choice)

*Select your venue.

*Choose your wedding party.

*Finding a bridal gown
   (Special order dresses take 4-6 months for production and then you want at least a month for alterations to make sure the dress fits perfectly. All in all, this is one of the first things you’ll want to do in the wedding planning process.)

*Finding your photographer
 (Keep in mind the theme you are wanting)

We hope these 5 first steps to consider after you get engaged has helped you. Just taking things step by step will help to ensure the perfect wedding. One that you are truly happy with and can look back on knowing you made the best possible decisions for yourselves. It’s a celebration and one that we truly want to make a wonderful experience from start to finish. 

So let’s get started planning the best wedding ever! We have lots to do and plan to have as much fun as possible along the way!

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7 Essentials For Your Beach Wedding

Planning a beach wedding? We don’t blame you. Living here in beautiful southern California, we completely understand the draw and pull of the water, the sun, and the blissful atmosphere. But there are definitely some important things to think about when planning your beach wedding in this fantastic area. 

From great places to take pictures, to making sure your guests have a great time, these 7 essentials will ensure a great beach wedding. 

7 Essentials For Your Beach Wedding | Orange County Beach Weddings -

7 Essentials For Planning Your Beach Wedding

7 Essentials For Your Beach Wedding | Orange County Beach Weddings -

1.) Engagement Shoot – 

Or any of your photos taken at the beach will be ones you cherish forever. But we know of some great hotspots perfect for your engagement pictures and even some quick shots depending on where your venue is located. Table Rock, Victoria Beach and A Thousand Steps are just a few of the amazing options you have. 

Take this view up above of one of our couples at Table Rock. Truly a moment in time captured for you to have and for many more years to come. 

7 Essentials For Your Beach Wedding | OC Beach Wedding | Invitations |
{Elizabeth King Designs}

2.) Invitations – 

When you first send out your invites to your guests, the Save The Dates or actual Invites, it’s always good to set the tone of the wedding with these paper goods. For a beach wedding, you might have a little sunset printed, starfish, or lighthouse. And you will definitely want to make sure to describe the dress code on the invitations. Letting guests know ahead of time what the style and mood is for the big day, will already place your guests in the right mindset. 

These invites above are by the incredibly talented Elizabeth King. She has designed some amazing paper suites for many of our clients and we love working with her! Visit her site here to learn more about her!

7 Essentials For Your Beach Wedding | Orange County Beach Weddings -

3.) Beverages – 

Yes, please! Beverages are one of the most important aspects and needs for guests at your wedding. Providing chilled drinks, be it lemonade, alcohol, or even water, having a nice refreshment is considered a must-have for any style venue. And with a setting sun on the beach, your guests, and you!, will be thankful. 

7 Essentials For Your Beach Wedding | Orange County Beach Weddings -

4.) Must Haves: Fans or Parasols –

For the most part, our sunny California beaches stay just that; sunny. Going the extra mile for guests to have a way to create a breeze, like fans, or shade from the sun, like parasols, will undoubtedly go a long way. 

7 Essentials For Your Beach Wedding | Orange County Beach Weddings -

7 Essentials For Your Beach Wedding | Orange County Beach Weddings -

5.) Flip Flops – 

A “Shoe Valet” is a great treat. Perhaps the ceremony is outside on the sand, with the reception inside. Guests will want to look their best, and usually that would include shoes. But with providing flip flops for your guests when they first arrive, gives comfort and ease. They’ll be delighted to know they can slip off their heels and not have to worry about walking in the sand or even getting sand in their shoes! 

6.) Selfies, Selfies, Selfies! 

We are crazy about selfies. Nothing is more beautiful than an ocean backdrop and a couple of smiles. We suggest giving guests a couple selfie sticks on reception tables. Perhaps even have printed the bride and groom’s name on the back side of the stick so they can take it home as a souvenir of the wedding. 

We also can’t help but love having all those selfies grouped together in a hashtag specific to the bride the groom. Like, #LevinAtLast and #TheWebersons2017 

7 Essentials For Your Beach Wedding | Orange County Beach Weddings -

7.) Pashminas – 

It can get a little chilly during the spring and fall months on the beach. Having a few to provide guests with a little extra warmth will go a long way. Especially for the ladies. We also have Pashminas available to sell in case this sounds like a good idea to you. 

Bonus: Games!

Having games as a transitionary time piece works wonders! Especially on the beach. When you think of beach, you’re probably already thinking things like, fun in the sun, beach volleyball, vacation even.

And we think it a great idea to have some sort of outdoor game available for your guests to play and pass the time while you’re off having photos taken. Maybe a little game of badminton, or a life size Jenga will work. Either way, it’s another detail that will only bring about more success to the big day. 

A lot that goes into planning a successful beach wedding are in the details, like the pashminas, the flip flops, and providing cool beverages. As wedding planners, we always want things to go off without a hitch, and through our own experience, we have found these 7 essentials for your beach wedding, well…essential. 

If you have anymore questions or anything more we can be of service to, let us know! We are excited to work with you!